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In the current market conditions Outsourcing of production work is more and more essential. We can provide you with quality products that can be produced in the shortest possible time in order to accomodate your schedule. This favourably distinguishes us from our competitors and helps to give you a remarkable competitive advantage.

Our company arranges outsourcing and production of:

  • Steel structures in S355 or S690 for on- and off shore applications.
  • Heavy fabricated Machine Parts.
  • Pressure vessels in carbon steel and stainless steel up to approx. 10.000mm diameter.
  • Heat exchangers in carbon steel and stainless steel up to approx. 5.000mm diameter.
  • Prefabricated pipe sections in carbon steel an stainless steel.
  • Slewing bearings up to 10.000mm diameter.
  • Custom made Gears up to 7.000mm diameter.
We are used to make the impossible happen.

Please contact our Sales Team for more details.